Mike Levine made a name for himself  playing with Terry and the Pyrates, and went on to gained studio experience recording “All That’s Necessary” with Motherload. He went on to tour with the band that was mostly made up of ex-members of Liegh  Ashford.

Gil Moore was playing with Mushroom Castle, who later changed their  name to Sherman and Peabodyafter “Buzz” Sheraton joined the group. When Sheraton left to join Liegh Ashford, known as “the band that later became Moxy“. After they broke up, Gil formed Triumph with Mike and Rik.

Gil and Mike also spent some time together in a band called Abernathy  Shagnaster’s Wash and Wear Band.


While working with Triumph, Mike and Gil took very active roles in the day-to-day operation of the band . Mike worked overtime in the studio producing their albums. He also handled the  publicity and marketing chores. Gil handled the touring details, including the constant search for a bigger and better sound and light show for their legendary stage performances.


Triumph continues to succeed with  their positive approach to the music business. Gil now runs Triumph’s  “Metalworks” studio. Mike is busy handling Triumph’s new label, TRC, which has  now re-released all their recordings with original liner notes and art work.