Learn The Art Of Playing Episode – Choose Your Story

Learn The Art Of Playing Episode – Choose Your Story

You may get amazed after knowing the fact that there are countless games present that you can play in your free time. If you don’t like to play action or battle based games then you should consider the option of Episode – Choose Your Story. This is the best game which is all about creating or playing multiple stories. Well, this is also called as a story creation platform that allows the players to show their abilities and skills to develop stories. There are lots of features added by the game developers for the players which are also getting the attention of millions of players. If we talk about the different features of this game then the character customization will fall you in love. This is the perfect feature which can help you to do some creativity and also to get the desired character to play the game.

Features of the game

When this comes to this popular story creation platform then there are lots of features present. These features will surely encourage you to download the game in order to start playing. New players may face some difficulties while creating stories but they can eliminate these issues after playing it for some days. Some of the amazing features of the game are given below:

·        The main aspect of the game is related to creating the stories for which players can design characters to make it more interesting. They should always choose the right video channel and genre as according to their interest and then start creating the stories. They also have an option to publish the stories to share it with the large community of players.

·        This game is also loved by readers because there are plenty of stories based on different genres present that any player can open to play. With the help of this, they can also learn the new thoughts or ideas to create their own storylines to become popular among all the players. They can also enhance their writing skills by observing the stories of others.

·        Creating a profile is the main thing that allows the players to link all stories to their account and also to enjoy lots of other perks. For creating a profile, they have to answer three questions which are related to their favorite actor, movie, and color. They also need to mention their name and gender in the profile to enjoy some features.

·        Character customization is the most amazing feature of this game that allows the players to design their characters by choosing the body shape, colors, outfits and much more things. In this way, they can get their desired look for the character to play the game. This feature is also making the game more interesting for the players.

·        Players also have an option to connect their game with the social networking accounts and this can help them to check out the profiles of their friends and also to follow them. In this way, they can also visit their profile and also able to create stories and to enjoy some other perks. This is also beneficial to check the stories that were created by their friends.

Well, these all above-mentioned features of the game will push you to download it and to start playing it. Additionally, fresher should always follow some Episode Choose Your Story Hack tools in the initial phase of the game which will help them to play in a better way. This is also beneficial to make improvements in the game without facing various issues.

How To Get More Diamonds In Choices Stories You Play

How to get more diamonds in Choices Stories You Play

In the Choices Stories You Play, diamonds also play a very important role throughout the entire game. Diamonds are important in that they tend to allow players to purchase different items that can be used in the game, special clothes as well as exclusive stories. The main secret of the game is for you to be able to get hold of as many diamonds choices hack 2018 as you possibly can. You can be able to do this by getting them in small quantities and even as you keep on leveling up. However, if you feel that you want them in bulk, then you can as well choose to get them from the game shop. Making use of this combination will give you the opportunity to buy both your diamonds and keys at the same time.

By making use of the right tools throughout the game, you will find that you are going to dominate in every situation that you are going to be in. However, an important point to keep in mind when you decide to purchase your diamonds from the game store is that they tend to be highly overpriced meaning that you will end up spending a lot of money before you get to have the number of diamonds that you want. A single Choices Cheats vault of diamonds goes for $99.99 and this is beyond expensive and crazy! The worst part about it all is that this is not going to be the last purchase that you are going to be making. You will find that you will need to get more diamonds once you consume all the ones that you have. Considering that you want to move to the next chapters fast, you will find that you are going to be spending a high amount of money.

Advantages Of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Advantages of pro evolution pes hack 2018

Pro evolution soccer for 2018 has a lot of merits that players and fans can get of it. These includes all the different simple and useful tactics used in helping player to achieve their target while PES 2018 hack playing the game. Also, they help players in building of various useful skill in other filed outside the soccer playing. Below are some of the advantage for the pro evolution soccer 2018.

New presentation of the master league. For quite long, the master league has been in need of personal and presentation upgrades. With the 2018 version of pro evolution soccer, such need has been catered for which was not the case with other previous years. This has been managed by new pre-season tournaments, upgraded transfer systems and through interviews.


Different mean can have used in playing the particular game. Unlike in the other years, 2018 pro evolution soccer has come with variety methods that can be sued in playing the game. Some of these methods involves the co-op, head to head, two verse tow and the three verse three modes. Due to such means, players are therefore capable of choosing the one that is best when used to have a great match.

Massive customization of suite returns. This also another advantage that has been seen in the pro evolution soccer for 2018. Gamers are in a position of outdoing the club design together with make sensible edits on the player. Also, there is availability of licenses to the players in the game. Hence more convenient in operations as well as when playing.

Defending is more of fun that playing to score. The 2018 pro evolution soccer aims more on defending rather than scoring. The reason behind this is that, player gained a lot of experience which can help one in becoming a great player through employing various tactic that can be sued in defending the ball. One the other hand, playing to score will not earn one something since it is challenging and tiring thus one cannot gain a lot. Thus, it is enjoying to play the 2018 pro evolution soccer unlike those played in the previous years.